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Who the heck is JoAnne Mbonigaba

and How can she help me?

  So you have stumbled across my website and I’m sure you are probably saying to yourself the exact above question 🙂

Well to answer that question briefly, I have a passion in particular for helping professional moms such as myself who have had two or more children:

1)take time out to rejuvenate and nourish themselves

2)take care of themselves so they feel fulfilled and happy

3)create an additional income to have a solid plan b that may or may not become their plan A

My guiding principles are: 1)Meet people where they are at– everyone is on their own personal journey and I try my best to understand and then make recommendations suitable to where you are at  

2) My program and my style aren’t going to be a fit for everyone! So if I think that what I do and how I do it isn’t for you. I’ll tell you just that!

3)Honesty and leadership by example– I won’t ever ask you to do something that I’ve never done myself and I share honestly my journey which is rife with mistake and face plants that are sure to make you laugh

4)Have fun and enjoy the journey– life is meant to be fun, I’m not into dredging through an activity to reach a goal, I want to make the experience as fun and as good as possible just as much as the attainment of the goal.

5)Embrace all of you– so what if you are a little quirky or picky or made a ton of mistakes- you have a right to be you!

6)Quality versus quantity, I prefer to focus on the small and key activities (and people who value what I bring to the table) and provide value added activities to maximize the value you get out- I highly recommend this for you too..it’s so freeing! Okay, now if you really want all the goods, you can check out my slightly rambly video from my primary youtube channel that has a slice of confession in it below or check out my short profile on one of my favorite business networking sites:

So if that resonates with you, I welcome you to reach out and schedule a complimentary discovery call with me.

To your joyful success!


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